Bid Management Software & Attribution Modeling

Adinton is a tool that offers you a complete view of all your stats, helps you decide who is a potential buyer and devise a strategy based on real-time data.

Need an easy way to improve your ROI?

Adinton is perfect for anyone who manages multiple traffic sources and wants a better insight on how they influence each other.

Real time Optimization:

Taking into account your specific goals and budget per channel, the amount of conversions you are achieving and the impact between channels, Adinton scales your bids and budgets regardless of whether you are working with CPC, Sponsorship...

Adinton offers you bid optimization designed to meet and surpass your current goals. This will free up your time to concentrate on more strategic issues.

Optimize your Adwords & Facebook bids from just one platform automatically

Stop wasting money bidding for keywords, profiles... that are not converting nor influencing others to convert. Adinton understands how a user is accessing your site from each one of your traffic sources, keywords, banners, publishers...

By analysing this data we calculate the optimal bid. You'll stop wasting money and will start to connect with more users who want to buy.

Attribution Modeling Tool made easy. Demystifying the beast.

Understanding and taking advantage of Attribution Modeling information is tough, complicated, tiring... Once we understand how users are surfing and buying on our webpage, we can start making smarter decisions. From this information we have created an algorithm that helps us to identify the real influence between channels, keywords, ads...

Adinton counts every single click made by the users on your ads and on your website.

So Adinton can tell if a channel is really influencing conversions or not. Adinton then transforms this information into useful data giving advice, suggestions and modifying your bids or creating remarketing campaigns.

Automate the 80% of your time

With just one tool you'll be able to analyze AUTOMATICALLY each individual customer or non-customer journey, attribution modeling, automate your bidding strategy in Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, create intelligent remarketing campaigns, analyse search terms, detect negative keywords, make a deep keyword research of your best keywords and create the respective campaigns, ads, adgroups,...

Adinton is a tool designed by emarketers for emarketers, we created a tool to help you streamline your working day. We were the first to test the platform and now we're so proud to share it with you.


Track all your traffic & Analyse
individual Customer Journeys.You´ll be amazed!

time evolution
cost vs conversions
cost & conversion
not selling campaigns
% conversions

Billions of clicks analysed,
Thousands of suggestions made

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    By utilizing Adinton and its certified tool, we can review all traffic sources related to our campaigns and so we can detect all those automated tools that generate clicks. With this information we can then assess the exact number of fraudulent clicks being generated.

    Enrique Clemente
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    On average, clients using Adinton have managed to exceed their conversion goals by more than 25% as well as lowering their CPAs by10%

    Sergio Beorlegui
    Universidad de Navarra