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Analyze the customer journey as never before. You’ll be able to analyze journey by journey, even the users didn’t end up converting, Cross domain, cross device,… no secrets
TV Attribution Software

How much is influencing TV on your Online Business?

Adinton can detect the cookies that have connected to your site from a TV campaign. With this information Adinton can calculate attribution from TV to SEO or increasing your Adwords bids depending of the success of your TV Ads.

Calculate Exactly the attribution of each click

Algorithmic Attribution Modelling

Because each user interacts with our site and ads in different ways, we shouldn’t work with a standard attribution model. With Adinton, every single journey will have its own attribution model, and once the user has converted, Adinton will calculate the attribution model based on the engagement of the user with our ads within our site.

We have created an algorithm which reflects the true value of each channel, banner or keyword based on how it has influenced the conversion process. Since we use only our own proprietary data, we can measure variables that are simply not available in other platforms and then use this data to feed our algorithm.

Because yesterday can be late

Attribution Modelling in Real Time

If you don’t like to waste money you must play in real time. It’s impossible to move your budget smartly if you check your data every 24h. Adinton has its own webanalytics system, if this information Adinton will be able to take decisions in near-real time. You’ll be able to analyze the each individual customer journey en real time, and analyze the multichannel and cross device attribution modelling info every single hour.

Because your users are not connecting with just 1 device

Cross Device Attribution

More than 65% of users connect to Facebook from Mobile Devices. If you’re running campaigns simultaneously in Facebook and Adwords, it’s essential to work with a platform that lets you analyze the cross-device journey of your users. If you are not working with a cross device tracking tool you are going to be blind when analysing at least 50% of your traffic.

As a marketer managing campaigns from different Publishers, with a sizeable budget and taking great care to achieve your global conversion goals, you need a tool that can give a complete view of the customer journey of your users. You need to analyze how users are using each device and how each is performi

You'll know exactly what to do

Marketing Budget Optimization Tool

When you’re working with attribution data can be completely overwhelmed. For this reason we’ve created a couple of tables and charts, with this information you’re going to optimize your marketing budget as never before. Working with exact data you will be able to invest exactly where you are or you are going to be profitable.

Understand the behavior of your users

What kind of click are getting with each channel

In one just Report, you’ll know what kind of click are you getting from each of your traffic sources, mediums, campaigns or keyword. We’ve organized the different types of clicks in 4 groups, Starter, Finisher, Influencers, 1 Click Conversion.

Analyze the viewability of each impression

You'll know exactly how much your banners are being seen

The definition of post view conversions is clear: The conversions done once a banner is seen. Adinton under the IAB_UK rules measures if a banner is really seen and then calculates attribution and post view conversions.

How effective is your Content Strategy?

Calculate the Exact ROI of your Content Strategy IN and OUT of your site

Adinton can analyze exactly how is performing or influencing your content hosted in your own site and the content, guest posts, reviews that other webs and blogs are doing about your producto and services. Now you’ll be able to know exactly the ROI of your Content Strategy, which kind of content is profitable and which kind of content never ends up generating business.


Conversions from Call Center

If your business close deals from Call Center, Adinton can help you to detect which channels or keywords are generating more leads and, which are generating more business. Send us the information via API and Adinton will create and recalculate every single journey with your offline data.

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