Bid Management Software

The Most Powerful Google Adwords Auto Bidding Software


Probably the most sophisticated and exact bidding system

Bid Managment based on Algorithmic Attribution

Nowadays we need to be accurate with our bidding strategy. We understand that we cannot increase/decrease a bid if we only have the Google Adwords picture. We can make a bidding strategy based on how is performing all your traffic, not just Adwords.

It’s important analyze all your channels, analyze every single journey, and then improve your bids.

We don't need Adwords stats for bidding

Real Time Bidding Rules

Since we are proprietaries of the statistics software from PPC Bid Rules is based, we can execute Rules every minute. We don’t need to wait to Gogle Analytics, Adwords, Facebook,… are updating their data to update bid rules.

We have created an algorithm which reflects the true value of each channel, banner or keyword based on how it has influenced the conversion process. Since we use only our own proprietary data,we can measure variables that are simply not available in other platforms and then use this data to feed our algorithm.

Adwords Search, Display & Shopping Ready

Create your own Business Bidding Rules

It would be great if you can automate the weekly or daily tasks where your move budgets or bids of your keywords or campaigns. Now, you can ayutomate it.

Anyway, If you don’t feel comfortable creating your own rules, don’t worry; you always can activate our Rules. We have different kind rules depending which were your goals: 1st Time Rules, increase Conversion, decrease CPA,… Our Rules have been done by a team of statistics, probably we have the bid rules made with more love and dedication of the market. Access to our Adwords Bidding Recipes.

Marketing Budget Management

Manage your Budget Rules

You’ll be able to increase/decrease your budget if your day is being epic or a complete disaster, all automatically. Let our algorithm works or you can create and schedule your own Budget Rules.

Create 100k keywords in 15 minutes

Super Powerfull Campaign Creator

Now, you’ll be able to create hundred of thousans keywords in 30 minutes. Perfectly structured and with their respective high relevant adtexts. All oriented to quality score optimization. Done for Google Adwords and for Bing Ads Campaigns.