The 1st Real Cross Bidding Software

Cross your Google Ads and Facebook Ads Bids and double your Results


Autobidding based on Machine Learning

Applied the most sophisticated strategies on your PPC Campaigns 24x7

Adinton based on algorithmic attribution can know which keywords, placements or products are the most influencers on the average customer journey of your business. Once, Adinton has learnt about how your users interact with your Ads and in your page, starts to optimize your bidding strategy automatically. Currently Adinton is able to move your bids every single 1 minute if it was necessary.


The most sophisticated and exact bidding system

Bid Managment based on Algorithmic Attribution

Nowadays you need to be accurate with our bidding strategy. You understand that we cannot increase/decrease a bid if we only have the Google Ads picture. You can make a bidding strategy based on how is performing all your traffic, not just Google Ads.

It’s important analyze all your channels, analyze every single journey, and then improve your bids.

We don't need Google Ads stats for bidding

Real Time Bidding Rules

Since we are proprietaries of the statistics software from PPC Bid Rules is based, we can execute Rules every minute. We don’t need to wait to Gogle Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook,… are updating their data to update bid rules.

You’ll be able to launch your Bidding Rules every 20 minutes. Problably the faster bidding system in the market.

Google Ads for Search, Display & Shopping Ready

Create your own Business Bidding Rules

Automate your daily bidding and budget tasks easily.

Anyway, If you are not sure where to begin you can achieve out Google Ads bidding Recipes. Our Google Ads Bidding Recipes have been created by a team of data engineers and Google Ads Experts with the dedication and love that your account deserves. Access to our Google Ads Bidding Recipes.

Optimize your Content Campaigns as never before

Google Display Optimization

Adinton has his own system to detect the profitability of each placement analyzing the conversions get and the influence of these placements for getting conversions closed by other channels (Search, Criteo,…) and automatically add as negative placement those that are not going to be profitable at all.

Bidding and Negative Keywords Software for Google Shopping

The Most powerful tool for Google Shopping

Adinton can increase/decrease your bids for your products of Google Shopping always analyzing the customer journey, and in real time Adinton will increase/decrease your bids regarding if your Google Shopping visitors are purchasing thanks to GShopping or other channels.

Adinton goes further and can to add as negative keywords, those that are generating traffic but are not influencing in the purchase process.

Keyword Research Software

Automate your Keyword Research Efforts for Search, Display and Shopping Campaigns

Detect new keywords opportunities and increase conversions. Add negative keywords and stop to waste your money. When you increase profitable keywords and reduce the non-profit ones, the result is easy to guess: Amazing increases of ROI

We’ve created the most powerful for helping our PPCers friends. Imagine that you have machine that can add new profitable keywords and add new negative keywords effortless, just switching on Keyword Research Feature.

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