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Customer Success. Job Offer

We are looking for a Customer Success Agent for our English-speaking markets to provide support through many different channels of communication, normally chat and email, and occasionally skype or phone. What we are looking for: – Native or highly fluent in English. – Some fluency in Spanish. – Excellent customer service skills – the ability…

Big Data at the service of Marketing

ā€œIf itā€™s free itā€™s because you ARE the productā€ This simple phrase, which we all recognize when talking about Facebook, Twitter, and social media specifically, should also probably refer to online marketing in general. The premise is quite simple: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram are free because their users represent theĀ  actual value of the…

Algorithmic Attribution

TheĀ Algorithmic AttributionĀ is a conversion attribution model by which the conversion value is assigned to all theĀ campaigns, mediums or keywords that have participated generating the conversion, but the system gives more ore less valueĀ depending the behaviour of the users. Algorithmic AttributionĀ will assign different value to each click depending, per example: Number the clicks until the conversion….