We want to share easily how is our job methodology and how we optimize thousands of keywords, sources in real time.

Calculate Exactly the attribution of each click

Data Driven Attribution Modelling

We’ve analyzed thousand of customer journeys from B2B to B2C, lead gen business, e-commerces,… and after 2 years analyzing and creating “models”, we’ve decided that the perfect Attribution Model is that that reflect the real journey of each user. For this reason our Attribution Model Algorithm calculates exactly the influence and quality of each individual click for each individual customer.

For this reason two equals journeys are going to have completely different attribution weight.


Process worked by 90% of eMarketers

Standard Optimization Process

At the beginning of the optimization process, the emarketer try to detect those keywords or sources that is not generating conversions, and move the budget of these keywords to those that are really profitable. But one day, once standard strategies are done, it’s very difficult to keep improving results.



Adinton Exponential Growth

Adinton is always learning and optimizing your Marketing

Adinton is always analyzing your data in real time, taking optimization decisions, so it is always choosing the best bid for improve your CPA or increase sales. Adinton’s Bid Management is working 24×7, improving bids and doing keywords research, negative keywords research and negative placement research. Adinton is always working to get the maximum of your account in every single minute. Adinton is always bidding where you are profitable and paused where you’re not.




We're creating the future, jump in with us

Clean and Organized Data for Getting the Best Decissions

Nowadays everybody is talking about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data,… Our CEO was working with webanalytics information since 1.999 with log files and auditing webstats from importan websites cross Europe. We have an huge respect about stats, methodology, clean and accurate data. We understand that if we want to work with the most extraordinary technology we must to work with the best information. For this reason we don’t work with third party data. As you can see the result is amazing. Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.