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    Attribution Modeling:

    1. Multichannel Attribution: If you work with more than two different channels.
    2. Cross Device Attribution: If your users access to your site from different devices.
    3. Cross Domain Attribution: If you’re working with two or more domains. Ex: and
    4. Real Time: All our Data is processed in Real Time.
    5. Offline Conversions: When you close the deal from a call center or store.
    6. Content Attribution: If you need to know how your guest posts are influencing in your purchase process.
    7. Banner Viewability: If you need to know if your banners are really being seen.
    8. Detect what kind of traffic you’re getting from each channel: Starter, influencer or finisher clicks.
    9. Detect which channel is selling or influencing, or which channel is that needs more help to close deals.
    10. You’ll know which channel is generating more new or recurring customers.
    11. You’ll know which channel, keywords are closing deals with just 1 click.
    12. You’ll know exactly how much you must invest in each channel
    13. You’ll stop to waste your marketing budget and move it where you really are profitable.

    Bid Management Software:

    1. Autobidding based on Data Driven Attribution.
    2. We can trigger rules every 10 minutes.
    3. Autobidding for Adwords Search Campaigns.
    4. Autobidding for Adwords Display Campaigns.
    5. Autobidding for Adwords GShopping Campaigns.
    6. Auto Keyword Research for Google Adwords Search Campaigns.
    7. Auto Negative Keyword Research for Google Adwords Search Campaigns.
    8. Auto Negative Keyword Research for Google Shopping Campaigns.
    9. Auto Negative Placement Research for Google Display Campaigns.
    10. Adwords & Bing Campaign Creator: Create more 24k keywords and Adtexts in less than 4 minutes.

    Ad Fraud Software

    1. Ad Fraud Monitor 24×7
    2. Track clicks, page views, conversions
    3. Report by IP.
    4. Report by cookie.
    5. Report by Digital Fingerprint (device ID).

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