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Navarra University

The Navarra University (UNAV) is a Spanish university founded in 1952 in Pamplona. UNAV has faculties in Pamplona, San Sebastian, Madrid, New York and Barcelona. As well, they offer over 30 official degrees and more than 35 master programs. Finally, it has a university clinic and an Applied Medical Research Center.

+38% Revenue  |  -30% Budget

Increase the quality of your traffic drastically

Financial Industry

A leading company from the financial sector, which business goal is to provide financial products to individuals. The organization contacted Adinton to hire and use the Adinton software services. With this software they got a study with the following results

x20 Conv  |  x10 Budget

Detect your top performer traffic and boost it

Motor Industry

Leading company from the motor industry with over 10 years experience over their shoulders which business mission is to sell vehicles tires online.

x3 Conv  |  -50% CPA


Once decrease CPA, next step is increase traffic

Real State Company

A Spanish real state organization with a large presence on the web. API cost per acquisition (CPA) was very high compared to the amount being invested. The conversions were leads of information requests. Therefore, it was very critical to decrease the cost per conversion.

+100% leads  |  -50% Budget

Grow the ebusiness internationaly

Petsonic ES & FR

Leading company from pet care industry with over 15 years experience. They have a very strong logistic and storage structure and wanted to grow their online business. Petsonic tried during a couple of years to be profitable online until we started to work together.

Petsonic ES:  x2 Revenue each Quarter

Petsonic FR: x10 Revenue  |  x3 Marketing Budget