We’ve created the smartest system to work against click fraud in real real time.

Specially if you're running Google Display Network Campaigns

Real Time Click Fraud Monitoring Software

We’ve achieved to almost as smart as the thieves, we can analyze ton of information in real time. While faster we detect the fraud, the pain will be lower. Let me say again: We are an attribution marketing software and we know how to work with ton of data in real time. Now, we’ve developed a tool to combat the fraud, basically because we don’t want to track clicks from bots. It’s cheaper for us to combat click fraud than analyze bots journeys.

Detect if you're losing business.

Click Fraud Prevention

Especially if you’re running Google Display Network Campaigns and.. . With mobile devices! You should work with a click fraud detect software. Google and all big companies are working hard to fight against click fraud. But, we need to help them to clean internet of malicious behavior, specially if this behavior is hurting your business. The fraud with mobile devices and Display campaigns is huge, keep your campaigns safe.

Two or more Steps Ahead

AdFraud based on Digital Fingerprint Technology

If a sophisticated ad fraud company are clicking in your Ads and after every single click, they delete cookies and change IP via Proxy, we can detect them thanks to our own technology who analyzes in Real Time the different device that is clicking in your Ads.

Because each journey has its own path

How can you detect fraud if they delete cookies & change IP each time?

We go ahead and our technology can detect each individual DeviceID or Digital Fingerprint. When a thief deletes cookies or changes of IP, Adinton knows that clicks are coming from the same device. If you detect a Device ID is generating 97 clicks, from 97 different IPs and from 97 different cookies, would it seem fraud, wouldn’t it?

Create your own rules against the fraud

Add our tags and in 5 minutes you'll be fighting against the fraud and saving money

We need to work with two tags, the first one is like GA’s tag, should be located in every single page, and the second one is like Adwords Conversion tracking, should be added in the thank you page. Working with two tags we can measure each click, each source… and the behavior inside of your site! While more information we have, our machine learns faster and take better decisions.



Machine Learning Option

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  • Up to 100,000 clicks
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Real Time
  • Machine Learning
  • Dashboard
  • Report by IP
  • Report by cookie
  • Access to Individual Journeys
  • Report by Digital FingerPrint
  • Track Page views
  • Track Conversions
  • Track MicroConversions
  • Online Support
  • 14 days free trial