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Real Time Click Fraud Monitoring Software

Adinton analyzes large amounts of information in real time. The faster we detect the fraud, the less it will cost you. We are an attribution marketing software who can work with a ton of data in real time. We have developed a tool to combat click fraud because why track clicks from bots? Let us help you save money by combating click fraud instead of analyzing bot journeys.

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Click Fraud Prevention

If you are working with Google Display Network Campaigns and with mobile devices you should be working with a click fraud detection software. Google and other big companies are working to prevent click fraud, but they need help. This malicious behavior is hurting your business. Let us help you keep your campaigns safe.

The Best AdFraud Solution

AdFraud based on Digital Fingerprint Technology

Sophisticated technology allows ad fraud companies to delete cookies and change IP addresses after every click. Our technology analyzes in real time to detect the devices clicking your ads.

Create your own rules against the fraud

Track the complete Bot Jouney

With our technology, you will see where every click originated and when it was done.

Take Advantage from our Community Work

Collaborative Intelligence

Once one of our clients has blocked an IP address due to fraudulent activity it is automatically tagged as “Quarantine” for all of our clients.

Because each journey has its own path

Fraud by Channel Report.

Our technology can detect each individual DeviceID or Digital Fingerprint. When a thief deletes cookies or changes the IP address, Adinton knows the clicks are still coming from the same device.

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Add our tags and in 5 minutes

Working with two tags allows us to measure each click, each source, and the behavior inside of your site! The more information we have, the faster our machine learns and the better decisions we can make.

Click Fraud Pricing

Click Fraud Software Pricing:

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The best Ad Fraud Solution based on Artificial Intelligence.