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Google Attribution (Free) Google Attribution 360 Adinton Attribution
Perfect for… Individuals and small to medium-sized companies Larger enterprises who need it all Small to Large Enterprises who need it all
Cross-device attribution Yes Yes Yes
Attribution Modeling Basic Advanced. Data Driven Attribution Included Data Driven Attribution + Machine Learning
Adwords Integration Yes Yes Yes
DoubleClick Integrations Search (coming soon) Search, Bid Manager, Campaign Manager N/A
Cost & Reference Data Import data from Google platforms Import data from Google and third-party platforms Import data from Google, Trivago and third-party platforms
Facebook Integration N/A N/A Cost and Autobidding (coming soon)
Bing Ads Integration N/A N/A Autobidding (coming soon)
Spend Optimizer N/A Yes Yes
TV Attribution N/A Yes Yes
Unlimited Data N/A Yes Yes
Unsampled Reporting N/A Yes Yes
Support & Services Self-service Help Center and community forums SLAs, dedicated account manager, and certified service partner program Self-service Help Center and Dedicated Account Manager
Payment Methods Free Invoiced Monthly Invoiced Monthly
Pricing Free $150.000 yearly

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Why customers love us

Enrique Clemente

By utilizing Adinton and its certified tool, we can review all traffic sources related to our campaigns and so we can detect all those automated tools that generate clicks. With this information we can then assess the exact number of fraudulent clicks being generated.

Enrique Clemente - Idento
Sergio Beorlegui

On average, clients using Adinton have managed to exceed their conversion goals by more than 25% as well as lowering their CPAs by10%

Sergio Beorlegui - Navarra University
Jordi Aymerich

We're increased our Revenue x10. Now we want even more and Adinton is still giving us more insights. Now, we don't know how many times our bids are changed in a single day, but we are still growing.

Jordi Aymerich - Petsonic
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