Increase your Revenue

Increase your Sales

Invest your Budget just where you're profitable

Adinton knows, thanks our attribution model algorithm, which channels are closing deals or helping to other to close.

Increase Conversion Rate

Improved based decision process of your users

Adinton analyzes in real time how much is influencing each channel, keyword,… in the decision process of your users, so Adinton knows where and when increase your marketing efforts. Automate this process thanks to our Bid Management Software.

Increase Revenue per Transaction

Invest where your profit per transaction is higher

Invest your marketing budget on those channels or keywords that are generating more new customers or new business. Now, you’ll know which kind of customer, new or recurring, are generating each of your channels.

Decrease your Marketing Costs

Stop invest where you are not profitable

Neither fraud neither unprofitable campaigns.

Adinton knows where your campaigns are profitable and non-profitable as well. So, why do we invest on those unprofitable campaigns? If we add to this cutting-cost optimization, our Click Fraud technology, you are going to be 100% protected


Automate your recurring tasks

Automate analysis and optimization tasks

Let the machine analyzes tones of data in real time and takes action on bid management and budget management.

Increase Productivity

Is your team ready for next level?

Your team will be ready for negotiating with your partners or analyzing complex business strategies. Increase their productivity creating high value works.