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Offline Tracking

Use the Offline Tracking to send offline conversion events and to identify customers viewed or clicked your ads before converting.


Adinton Attribution software helps marketers identify the best performing advertising channels for the company.

Bid Management

Bid Management is an easy and simple auto-pilot bid management tool for GoogleAds and FacebookAds.

Click Fraud

GoogleAds click fraud protection to exclude invalid clicks identifying fake clicks through digital finger print, ips and user behaviors.

Audience Manager

Adinton data management helps you build unique audience profiles to identify your most valuable segments and use them across any marketing channel.


Adinton API allows apps to interact with Adinton platform, vastly increasing the efficiency of managing knowledgment marketing online data.

TV Attribution

Full-funnel attribution measures the impact of every TV advertising on your website traffic both Branding and Sales and other online users activities.

Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence Platform help in the process of gathering and analyzing information regarding customers to improve marketing decisions by vendors.

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