Predictive Sales

Segment your non-buyer visitors and launch High Performing Remarketing Campaigns

Predict with high accuracy which lead is close to convert and which one you should continue nurturing.

Classify your leads from A to F based on their buying intention.

All your data working together to predict if a lead is closer to be client or not yet.

Generate automatic audiences in Google and Facebook ads based on your Lead Scoring.

We go beyond scoring and we make it "actionable": It generates audiences in Google and Facebook Ads. Get more traffic from your best leads and dodge those who are "just" watching.

Scoring Algorithms based on the Customer Journey

Our algorithms analyze the user’s behaviors, what page they consult, what lead magnets they consume and with this information we create patterns of user-buyers that allows the Lead Scoring categorizations, even if the Lead has filled a form yet. Click Scoring...

We Auto Evaluate our Click Scoring Algorithms each 24h.

Because the reality of your business can change quickly due to a new lead magnet, a new chain of emails, ... Our algorithms are self-calculated every 24h.

Detect the channels that generates Leads with more buying intention

Adinton measures the attribution cross channel and cross domain. Easily detect the channels, keywords, SEO URL that generates more and most qualified leads. Click on Scoring and Attribution Software.

Maximize results with Automatic Bidding on Google & Facebook Ads.

Once the system knows how they are and how your best clicks behave, you must generate more volume. More volume at equal quality is sure success. Automate bids, budget, keyword research ...

Maximum power to generate traffic

Get the maximum benefit of your data and predict the probability of closure. Accelerate your sales process at the right time.

Work smartly and automate with machine learning.

Inbound + Machine Learning = EpicWin.

Apply cutting-edge technology and increase the quality of your leads an thenfore your sales.

Easy and quickly to install

  1. Add our tags in all your webs
  2. Add our Conversion and Micro conversion Tags.
  3. Add your offline conversions via API, CSV or connecting Hubspot, SalesForce, Eloqua via Zapier.
  4. Our system learns (In less than 60 days, based on traffic volume).
  5. It auto-evaluates itself the next 30 days.
  6. Initiate to predict! Auto-evaluation each 24h.

The most complete Marketing Optimization Suite

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