Go 1 step ahead

Our digital World has definitively changed. The users are surfing from all types of devices, never before was so easy to our products/services with our competitors and never before it has been as expensive to achieve a consumer as today.
Analyze each Path individually

Problem #1: Multitouch

You can’t connect the journey when a user is jumping from publisher1 to publisher2, come again to your site from SEO and finally he is converting through affiliates.

You are seeing your stats by individual publisher, and when you check the info in your Google Analytics Account, you see the last click conversions, and the information in Attribution Reports are not accurately enough and unclear. We give you to analyze the data like this! Simply connecting the dots.

Because we're not in 2007, update your tracking tool

Problem#2: Cross Device

Oh my god, the behaviour of our users have changed drastically, now they are surfing with mobile, tablets devices!

Do you know more than 70% of the Facebook users connect from their mobile devices? Have you through that if you’re launching a campaign in Facebook Ads and you know that more than 70% of your sales come from Desktop, you are LOSING the correct attribution of Facebook (Mobile) on your Desktop Campaigns?

Start invest your budget with all the stats in your hand, invest smartly and compete with the same possibilities that your competitors have.

Take Actions even when you're off

Problem #3: All go fast

The world go fast enough to take decisions from one day to other. What happend if your competitor drastically stop their adwords campaigns and your conversion rate increase drastically? Wouldn’t you like to increase your Avg Position? or decrease your bid,…NOW?

If we optimize our campaigns with “yesterday’s” data we’re late, if we’re optimizing with near-real time technology, we’re late as well. Adinton can launch bid rules every 1 minute. Do you imagine to optimize your adwords bid in really-real time depending if your users a converting by facebook thanks the attribution from Adwords?


Let's create the future together

Problem#4: Silence

If you have something important to tell us, if you have any idea about how to improve our tool, if you need a custom report and we can share it with other clients, if you want to share with us your challenges and to try to find a way where we can collaborate, you are in the right place.

You are in the right place, probably we are as hungry and foolish as you, let us know what you need to improve your online conversions, LTV, conversion rate, CAC,… simply let us know, we are all together in this great, amazing, awesome business, why don’t we work together?

We’re talking seriously, if you help us to improve our software and we consider your proposal is excellent we’ll give you free access forever to Adinton. We consider that is the minimum we can give to someone who helps us to improve our tool.