TV Attribution Software

Analyze the real influence of your TV campaigns on your online campaigs. As easy as if you tracked your TV campaigns with Google Analytics’ utms. utm_source=TV
TV Attribution Software

How much is influencing TV on your Online Business?

Adinton can detect the cookies that have connected to your site from a TV campaign. With this information Adinton can calculate attribution from TV to SEO or increasing your Adwords bids depending of the success of your TV Ads.

We make easy stats

Understand easily your TV & Online stats

Would you like to see your TV stats as Google Analytic’s utms? We’ve made it.

We’ve made easy to track and to understand the real influence of your TV campaigns on your business. Adinton knows how much traffic is accessing to your site thanks a TV campaign and add utm_source=TV to each cookie. Once each visitor is tagged as TV, Adinton calculates in real time each customer journey.

Because your users are not connecting with just 1 device

Cross Screen Attribution

More than 65% of users connect to Facebook from Mobile Devices. More than 70% of your online traffic in one single day could be coming thanks to your TV Campaigns. If you’re running campaigns simultaneously in TV, Facebook and Adwords, it’s essential to work with a platform that lets you analyze the cross-screen journey of your users. If you are not working with a cross screen tracking tool you are going to be blind when analysing at least 50% of your traffic.

As a marketer managing campaigns from different Publishers, with a sizeable budget and taking great care to achieve your global conversion goals, you need a tool that can give a complete view of the customer journey of your users. You need to analyze how users are using each device and how each is performi

Go 1 step ahead than your competitors

Adwords Bidding based on TV Performance

Adinton will be able to increase/decrease your Adwords Bids based on your TV performance. Are you TV campaigns influencing to your user to convert more, Adinton will increase any single bid of every single keyword in real time. The Best Bid Optimization Software and the Best Attribution Software working together and made by 1 single team.

Analyze the behavior of your users after your TV Ad

You'll know exactly what are doing your users after seeing your TV Ad

Are your user connecting to your site from SEO or PPC? what are they doing after seeing your TV Ad? Are your user coming back to your site a couple of days after? are they converting? Even… are my users going to my shop and buying?

How effective is your TV Strategy?

Calculate the Exact ROI of your TV Strategy IN and OUT of your site

Adinton can analyze exactly how is performing and influencing your TV ads. Adinton transforms your Offline TV Data in online actionable information. You’ll be able to understand your offline data like online stats.

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