Are you working under the right model

The Best Attribution Model in Real Time

Adinton analyzes in real time each customer journey and calculate user by user the perfect attribution individually. It doesn’t matter if your journey is cross domain, cross device, cross channel; Adinton will calculate the most exact attribution for each journey.

Exact Data Better Smart Decisions

Because you're losing opportunities for boosting your ROI

Adinton see ALL your Chanles like 1 BIG Channel

Once you understand how your visitors are interacting with your ads and your website, you’ll be sure you are investing your marketing budget properly.

Invest your time creating your strategy and making deals with partners and let Adinton makes analysis and executions.

Optimize all your channels in just 1 place

If you are investing in all these channles put them to work in the same team

You’ll exactly how much are influencing each channel on the purchase process of your users and then maximize the efforts.

Because we have studied Millions of Customer Journeys.

We have the background of Millions of Journeys Analyzed

Once we’ve calculated exactly how much “influence” in terms of conversion value has been derived from each channel, banner or keyword, we know exactly how much we must bid for each keyword. Our Autobidding Software can increase/decrease bid each 1 minute. Adinton can do that because we have our own data thanks to our own pixels. What would it happen if you work with the perfect bid every 1 hour?

Is your Business in expanded stage?

Hyper Growth your Business

You’re happy with your conversions but you want to grow drastically your business, revenue and clients. For this reason, you’re going to increase your marketing budget. Adinton will help you to detect where you’re wasting money and will move this budget to the channels where you are really profitable.

You need to know how really effective is your marketing investment

Why the results are not that you were expecting?

With Adinton, you’ll know why your marketing budget is not generating enough conversions, ROI or revenue. Your company is doing a great effort investing a lot of money in marketing campaigns and these campaigns are not generating the results that you were expecting. Now, You’ll exactly what is happening with your money. In metrics we trust.

You'll exactly where to invest for being profitable

If you x2 your Marketing Budget, what would you do?

When you have a tool that analyzes exactly the behavior of your users and informs where you are profitable and where you’re wasting money, the next step is to increase your marketing budget and to start increasing sales. This is the usual behavior of our customers: Metrics > Insights > Increase Budget > Increase x2 Conversions. It’s not a trick, just maths.